Is Aldi Dairyfine dairy free?

Dairy-free chocolate from budget supermarket Aldi. It’s quite odd to name your entire chocolate range ‘Dairyfine’ as if somehow chocolate and dairy products are inseparable, but that’s Aldi for you. … The plain chocolate comes in red packaging that is UK specific and we think is meant to remind you of Bourneville.

Does Aldi carry dairy free products?

While ALDI don’t have a dedicated free from dairy section, many of the products are naturally dairy free. Aldi also have published a full list of their products suitable for people avoiding milk and lactose. You can find the information on their Living Lactose Free page.

Do Aldi Jaffa Cakes contain milk?

May also contain milk. Jaffa Cakes – Sponge base with an orange flavoured centre half coated in plain chocolate. Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in an airtight container.

Where is Dairyfine chocolate made?


Size / volume 200g
Manufacturer Aldi Stores Ltd, PO Box 26, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SH
Brand name Dairyfine
Country of origin Germany
Storage instructions Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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What snacks are dairy-free?

Savory Non-Dairy Snacks

  • Original Turkey Chomplings. …
  • Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn. …
  • Biena Roasted Chickpeas. …
  • Original Ritz Crackers. …
  • Dry Roasted Edamame. …
  • Almonds. …
  • Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Flavor Squares. …
  • HIPPEAS Chickpea Puffs.


What cheese is dairy-free?

10 Best Dairy-Free Cheeses That Taste Like the Real Thing

  • Miyoko’s Smoked English Farmhouse. This cashew-based cheese was made for the cheese plate. …
  • Loca Queso. …
  • Treeline Cream Cheese. …
  • Parmela Shreds. …
  • Miyoko’s Mozzarella. …
  • Jule’s Vegan Brie. …
  • Follow Your Heart Slices. …
  • Kite Hill Ricotta.


Do Aldi Bourbons contain milk?

4. Bourbons. Bourbons — not associated with the whisky by the same name — are made by a number of different manufacturers and pretty much every UK supermarket stocks its own version. They contain cocoa powder, but the traditional recipe is completely dairy-free, meaning most versions of the biscuit are vegan.

Do Jaffa Cakes contain lactose?

5. Some biscuit favourites – Jaffa cakes, Bourbons, Kimberley, Mikado, Coconut creams, Oreos, to name a few. Digestives and rich tea are often free from milk products but depending on manufacturer they can contain milk. 6.

Are Aldi bacon rashers vegan?

Indeed these Bacon Rashers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans! The Bacon flavouring is delicious and just as strong as in the branded crisps. There are only 86 calories in each 18g bag, so you might find yourself having more than one pack at a time!

Is dairy milk the best chocolate?

Dairy Milk has been crowned top of the chocs by Brits. In a survey, the Cadbury’s signature bar with the famous purple wrapper was named the nation’s favourite pushing rival Galaxy into second place while Snickers took third. Terry’s Chocolate Orange made its debut in the top 10 ahead of Wispa, Crunchie and Bounty.

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Does Aldi sell dairy free chocolate?

Moo Free Organic Milk Chocolate Alternative

This was a really delicious surprise. I’ve since heard that they’ve had multiple flavours of Moo Free in Stock. This chocolate is free from dairy, gluten and soya. It’s vegan friendly too.

Who makes chocolate bars for Aldi?

Moser-Roth is a brand of German chocolate produced by Storck for Aldi.


Product type Chocolate
Country Germany

Are Doritos dairy free?

Sadly for all of us chip-loving vegans, most flavors of Doritos are not vegan. They contain ingredients like cheese, milk, buttermilk, whey, and other milk-based ingredients. The non-vegan flavors include the two classics: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

What candy has no dairy?

Dairy Free Halloween Candy Options

  • Airheads.
  • Atomic Fireball.
  • Blow Pops.
  • Bottlecaps.
  • Candy corn.
  • Candy pumpkins.
  • Circus Peanuts.
  • Dots (except yogurt Dots)


What is classed as dairy free?

Dairy refers to milk and any part of milk that comes from cows and other mammals. Thus, to be dairy-free, a product must have no milk and no ingredients that are part of milk. Since lactose comes from milk, a product that is dairy-free will not have lactose in it.

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