Are Tunnocks tea cakes vegan?

A delicious biscuit base topped with marshmallow and covered with real milk chocolate Suitable for vegetarians.

Do Tunnocks tea cakes have gelatin?

Even the fluffy white cream inside a Tunnock’s Teacake is not made of gelatin or marshmallow, a breach in halal regulations since they are derived from animal extracts, but rather whipped egg white and butter. … The factory produces 5 million wafers and 3 million teacakes a week.

Are Tunnock’s Tea Cakes vegetarian?

Product Description. Tunnocks milk chocolate tea cakes are made from delicious biscuit base topped with marshmallow and covered with real milk chocolate. It is a dark chocolate teacake and suitable for vegetarians.

Are tea cakes vegan?

These Dairyfree Sultana Teacakes are made with a dough enriched with sultanas, Koko Dairyfree and Vitalite Spread, making them dairyfree, eggfree and suitable for vegans too!

What are Tunnocks tea cakes made of?

The Tunnock’s Teacake is a sweet food often served with a cup of tea or coffee. It was developed by Sir Boyd Tunnock in 1956. The product consists of a small round shortbread biscuit covered with a dome of Italian meringue, a whipped egg white concoction similar to marshmallow, although somewhat lighter in texture.

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How much sugar is in a tea cake?


Typical Values Per 100g of product Per average teacake (62.5g)
Carbohydrate 48.0g 30.0g
of which sugars 14.3g 8.9g
Fibre 3.2g 2.0g
Protein 8.7g 5.4g

Are Tunnocks vegan?

Tunnock’s milk chocolate tea cakes6x24g

A delicious biscuit base topped with marshmallow and covered with real milk chocolate Suitable for vegetarians.

Is a tea cake a biscuit or a cake?

A teacake in England is generally a light yeast-based sweet bun containing dried fruit, typically served toasted and buttered. In the U.S. teacakes can be cookies or small cakes.


A toasted English teacake (right) shown with mocha
Type Sweet roll
Main ingredients Flour
Cookbook: Teacake

What size is a Tunnocks tea cake?

Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Teacakes 6X24g.

What is inside a tea cake?

Mallow (38%) (Sugar, Glucose syrup, Egg white), Milk chocolate (34%) (Sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Standardised whole milk, Skimmed milk powder, Palm oil, Shea butter, Emulsifier [soya lecithin], Flavouring), Biscuit (28%) (Fortified wheat flour [wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamin], Vegetable oil …

Are warburtons teacakes vegan?

Halal, Kosher, Suitable for Vegetarians.

How old are Tunnocks caramel wafers?

As the business developed and the problems of baking fresh bread routinely began to become more apparent, the 1950s saw the biggest changes for the company, with 1952 the birth year of the Caramel Wafer.

What products do Tunnocks make?


  • Snowballs.
  • Caramel Log Biscuits.
  • Mini Caramel Wafer Tub.
  • Caramel Wafer Biscuit.
  • Teacakes.
  • Wafer Cream Biscuit.
  • Snowballs.
  • Caramel Log Biscuits.

Do Tunnocks use palm oil?

Tunnock’s Snowballs are made using a blend of palm oil and palm kernel oil, while Tea Cakes include palm oil and shea butter among their ingredients. These are also found in lots of other everyday products from lipstick to shampoo to margarine.

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How are Tunnocks tea cakes wrapped?

The machine is wrapping display boxes of 36 teacakes and while output fluctuates according to seasonal demand the machine produced more than 40,000 packs in the month prior to Christmas deliveries, working on a double shift. Depending on pack size the Evo-Fold can wrap at up to 45 packs/minute, says Marden Edwards.

Is a wafer a biscuit?

A wafer is a crisp, thin, sweet, dry, and flat biscuit. Wafers are also used together with chocolate bars, like the Kit Kat or Coffee Crisp bars, and it is an important part of every Collection of Biscuit Type.

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