Your question: Is Pei Wei rice gluten free?

Now, guests at all of Pei Wei’s locations nationwide can indulge in four popular dishes that offer new gluten-free options—Kung Pao, Mongolian, Ginger Broccoli and Fried Rice.

What’s gluten free at Pei Wei?

The Pei Wei Gluten-Free Menu

  • Gluten-Free Beef and Broccoli (wok seared)
  • Gluten-Free Mongolian Steak (wok seared)
  • Gluten-Free Chicken and Broccoli (steamed white meat chicken)
  • Gluten-Free Mongolian Chicken (steamed white meat chicken)
  • Gluten-Free Kung Pao Chicken (crispy white meat chicken)


What is in Pei Wei fried rice?

Fried Rice – Fresh, steamed white meat chicken, soy sauce, scallions, egg, red bell peppers, bean sprouts and carrots.

Does Pei Wei nutrition include rice?

Options include white rice, brown rice, salad, quinoa, lettuce cups, fried rice, or noodles.

Are lettuce wraps at Pei Wei gluten free?

About Pei Wei Asian Kitchen

Menu offerings include wok classics featuring rice, noodle and salad bowls along with lighter options such as lettuce wraps and sushi. Dishes are easily customized for a variety of palates and diets, including gluten-friendly and vegetarian.

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Is Pei Wei chicken fried rice gluten free?

Now, guests at all of Pei Wei’s locations nationwide can indulge in four popular dishes that offer new gluten-free options—Kung Pao, Mongolian, Ginger Broccoli and Fried Rice.

Is Panda Express gluten free?

If you have Celiac disease or are very sensitive to gluten, it’s probably best to avoid Panda Express due to cross contamination concerns. … Panda Express’s nutritional menu specifically states on the bottom of it, that the Panda Express food chain doesn’t offer any gluten-free dishes.

Why are Pei Wei restaurants closing?

Several Pei Wei Asian Diner restaurants in the Phoenix area remained closed Monday, more than two weeks after the arrest of 26 workers in an ID-theft investigation.

What is the best dish at Pei Wei?

What is the best dish at Pei Wei?

  • Best: Edamame (large)
  • Worst: Signature Lettuce Wraps.
  • Best: Hot and Sour Soup (cup)
  • Worst: Wonton Soup (cup)
  • Best: Asian Chopped Chicken Salad.
  • Worst: Chicken Pad Thai.
  • Best: Thai Dynamite (small)
  • Best: Spicy General Tso’s (small)


Did Pei Wei get rid of hot and sour soup?

Review of Pei Wei Asian Diner. Hot and sour soup removed from menu!!! … They have removed one of the best hot and sour soups ever made from the menu!

Does Pei Wei use real chicken?

grass-fed steak and never-frozen white-meat chicken, every dish begins with mindfully sourced, fresh ingredients selected for nutrition as well as world-class flavor. no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, while being completely honest about any shortcomings or areas needing improvement.

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What kind of rice does Pei Wei use?

I love Pei Wei’s brown rice as well. It is simply short grain brown rice. Most of our local grocery stores have it.

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Is Pei Wei cauliflower rice good?

Well-Being Just Got a Whole Lot Tastier

Cauliflower rice has significantly less calories and carbohydrates than found in white rice. But where many health foods fall short on flavor, Pei Wei’s cauliflower rice is the perfect complement to any sauce or protein.

Is rice gluten-free food?

Does Rice Have Gluten? All natural forms of rice — white, brown, or wild — are gluten-free. Natural rice is a great option for people who are sensitive to or allergic to gluten, a protein usually found in wheat, barley, and rye, and for people who have celiac disease, an autoimmune disease triggered by gluten.

Do Pad Thai noodles have gluten?

Pad Thai is usually gluten-free, but not always. Pad Thai traditionally uses rice noodles (which are gluten-free), but some restaurants use soy-sauce (which may contain wheat) and sometimes fish sauce is added to pad thai (and a few brands of fish sauce contain wheat).

Does Pei Wei have lettuce wraps?

The new lettuce wraps are crafted with the same high quality and attention to detail as all Pei Wei dishes, using only the best ingredients—including hand-cut vegetables and scratch-made sauces. This quality also comes at an affordable price, with the seasonal lettuce wraps starting at $6.99.

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