What are vegan gains worth?

Therefore, YouTuber Vegan Gains has an estimated net worth of $0.15 million.

How much money does vegan gains make?

Vegan Gains Net Worth

The main source of Gains earnings is from advertisements on his YouTube channel. He has more than 67 million views on his channel and this gives him about 120,000 US dollars. Another source of revenue is from donations that are made while streaming his videos on YouTube.

Is Vegan gains a troll?

Aside from all the blustering and shroom trips and cancer, Vegan Gains is just a regular run-of-the-mill troll, in the classic sense. He isn’t a dangerous demagogue, he’s just a guy with a computer who says mean stuff about people.

How tall is vegan gains?

Vegan Gains is about the same weight at 6’3” (6 inches taller).

Are Vegan gains Canadian?

Richard Burgess, better known online as Vegan Gains, is a Canadian YouTuber who shows off fitness routines, his vegan diet, and sometimes participates in debates with other YouTubers on his channel and other channels.

Does vegan gain fat?

Plenty of high-calorie, nutrient-dense vegan foods can make gaining weight easy and fast. Incorporating these foods into your meals and snacks can boost your calorie consumption and promote weight gain.

How old is vegan gains?

Burgess was born on June 26, 1991, in Canada. In 2011, after reading the works of physician/cardiologist Caldwell Esselstyn and nutritional biochemist T. Colin Campbell and watching a YouTube video of animal activist Gary Yourofsky, Gains became vegan.

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Can Vegan be bodybuilder?

The vegan bodybuilding diet is devoid of all animal products and higher in protein than traditional vegan diets ( 2 ). This presents a challenge for bodybuilders following a vegan diet, as plant-based proteins tend to be of lower quality than their animal-based counterparts, which can affect muscle gain ( 3 , 4 ).

Who is Sv3rige?

Gatis Lagzdiņš (born 27 November 1989) better known as Sv3rige and Goatis is a Latvian YouTuber, conspiracy theorist, Flat Earther, and anti-vegan activist. He is known for eating raw meat at vegan events.

Where is nimai Delgado from?

Nimai Delgado was born in South Mississippi, and was raised vegetarian by his Hindu parents.

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