Quick Answer: How do you eat vegan at Jersey Mike’s?

Sandwiches. At the time of this writing, Jersey Mike’s has one vegetarian sandwich that can be made vegan. The “Veggie” comes with Swiss, provolone, green bell peppers, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil blend, oregano, and salt. In order to make it vegan, simply remove the cheeses.

Is Jersey Mike’s white bread vegan?

Unfortunately if you’re gluten-free you’re kinda out of luck at Jersey Mikes, as their gluten free bread contains egg-whites. Firehouse Subs has gluten-free bread that’s vegan though, so check if one of those is near you if you’re really craving a sub and eat gluten-free as well as vegan.

Does Jersey Mike’s have veggie sandwiches?

Swiss, provolone, & green bell peppers. Crunchy and full of flavor, our Veggie sub starts with layers of provolone, Swiss, and green bell peppers. Ask for it Mike’s Way to enjoy our freshly sliced onions, shredded lettuce, and perfectly ripened tomatoes, with spices and the juice for a light and refreshing sub.

Does Jersey Mike’s have dairy free options?

The vegan options at Jersey Mike’s are about what you would expect from a sub shop. While Jersey Mike’s doesn’t have anything necessarily geared towards vegans, like tofu or a vegan cheese – they have multiple bread options, plenty of veggie toppings and vegan-friendly chips.

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Does Jersey Mike’s Do lettuce wraps?

The consumer may see a tortilla wrap or lettuce wrap as the healthier choice. Customers were looking for low-carb options, so Jersey Mike’s added tortilla wraps using Mission Foods tortillas in several flavors, including sundried tomato, spinach, and plain. Iceberg lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumbers.

Are Five Guys fries vegan?

This means that the only two ingredients in the Five Guys French Fries are just potatoes and peanut oil, making them the perfect option for a vegan diet. The french fries are only flavored with salt, and there are no additional flavorings or ingredients included, making them completely vegan friendly.

Does Jersey Mike’s have a secret menu?

Jersey Mike’s Secret Menu – Big Kahuna Cheese steak with Chipotle Mayonnaise. … This secret menu item combines two of Jersey Mike’s regular menu items; Chipotle Cheese steak and the Big Kahuna Cheese steak. Your sub will be bulging with grilled steak and onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, and peppers.

What bread at Jersey Mike’s is vegan?

According to their website, Jersey Mike’s has five bread options. Two of these bread options (Wheat and Seeded Italian) are 100% vegan and their White bread is vegan besides containing honey.

How much is a veggie sandwich at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s Subs Prices

Food Size Price
The Veggie Regular Regular $6.35
The Veggie Giant Giant $11.95
The Veggie Mini Mini $5.25
The Veggie Wrap Wrap $6.35

Is Jersey Mike’s healthy?

Jersey Mike’s healthiest sub is still unhealthier than Subway. … Jersey Mike’s chicken Philly sandwich, however, is 670 calories. Yup, it’s already unhealthier than Subway’s unhealthiest sandwich. It also has 22 grams of fat, 1,990 milligrams of sodium, and 10 grams of sugar.

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What’s the healthiest thing at Jersey Mike’s?

The healthiest sandwiches on Jersey Mike’s menu

16 Mike’s Chicken Philly and the No. 19 BBQ Beef, both of which come in at 670 calories. If you are more interested in a classic cold sub, you can opt for the No. 1 BLT, which contains only 700 calories.

What is a tub at Jersey Mike’s?

What are the sub sizes at Jersey Mike’s? There is the mini, regular, giant, wrap, and tub. The tub is a salad, for those who have never been in. And while none of the sandwiches are keto-friendly, note that you can order a salad with only olive oil and oregano as the dressing and with meat on top.

What is a regular sub at Jersey Mike’s?

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a fast food sub sandwich restaurant chain that specializes in hot and cold subs. Jersey Mike’s Subs prices are slightly more expensive than those of other sub sandwich restaurant chains. The sandwiches come in 3 sizes- 5 inch Mini, 7 inch Regular, and 14-15 inch Giant.

Does Jersey Mike’s give senior discounts?

Does Jersey Mike’s offer a senior discount? No, Jersey Mike’s doesn’t offer a senior discount or AARP discount.

Does Jersey Mike’s sell their bread?

We bake our bread fresh in our stores every day. Traditional white and whole wheat. It’s the only way to have a truly authentic Jersey Mike’s sub.

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