Is Tim Hortons coffee cream gluten free?

If you have ever been inside a Tim Horton’s, you know that there don’t seem to be a lot of gluten-free options to choose from. … After perusing the allergen list, I found that the following items don’t contain any gluten (USA): Iced cappuccino (with milk, chocolate milk or cream) Iced cappuccino supreme.

What’s in Tim Hortons cream?

Tim Hortons uses cream with 18% milk fat. They also adjust the amount of cream and sugar based on the size of the cup.

Does Tim Hortons have gluten free products?

Here’s the complete Tim Hortons gluten free menu which features delicious gluten free coffees, breakfast items, and even a certified gluten free baked goods!

Is Tim Hortons French Vanilla coffee gluten free?

French vanilla. Just to name a few. Every hot beverages that Tim Hortons offer are gluten free.

Does Tim Hortons cream have sugar in it? A medium double double contains 14 grams of sugar (3.5 teaspoons) plus four grams of sugar from cream. … A large triple triple has 48 grams of sugar plus six grams of sugar from the cream, which equals 54 grams sugar (13.5 teaspoons).

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What is the healthiest thing to eat at Tim Hortons?

You can always look for substitutes like mustard instead of mayonnaise, but if that’s too much work, here are the 13 healthiest items at Tim Hortons.

  • Chilli. …
  • Garden Vegetable Sandwich. …
  • Turkey Club Sandwich. …
  • Drinks: …
  • Dark Roast Coffee. …
  • Iced Coffee. …
  • Americano. …
  • Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie.


What is the lowest calorie donut at Tim Hortons?

At the low end of the calorie count are three 200-calorie varieties: the Chocolate Dip Donut and the Maple Dip Donut, both at 4g protein and 34g carbs, and the Strawberry Filled Donut, which has 5g protein and 34g carbs.

Are McDonald’s fries gluten free?

French fries are NOT gluten free, they are coated in a wheat beef flavoring. … Cooked In The Same Fryer That We Use For Donut Sticks Which Contain A Wheat And Milk Allergen. Beef patties do not contain gluten but risk cross contamination.

What is gluten free at McDonald’s Canada?

We don’t have any current plans for a specific gluten-free menu, but we do have menu items made without any gluten sources. Our fries are a great example, and you can also order any of our sandwiches without the bun.

What is gluten free at A and W?

A&W simply doesn’t offer any gluten-free food. They do have some floats, ice cream, and other drinks that are technically gluten-free, but cross-contamination is probably going to be an issue in their kitchen.

What is gluten-free at McDonald’s for breakfast?

What’s Gluten-Free at McDonald’s?

  • Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait (Without Low-Fat Crunchy Granola)
  • Egg Patty.
  • Ham Slice.
  • Sausage Patty.
  • Canadian Bacon.
  • Thick-Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon Slice.
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Does Tim Hortons have dairy free donuts?

Does Tim Hortons have vegan donuts? There are no vegan donuts at Tim Hortons. The closest thing to a donut you can get at Tim Hortons is a bagel.

Are Tim Hortons egg bites gluten-free?

“Omelette Bites do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients. However, due to the open bakery environment of our restaurant, we cannot guarantee that they have not come into contact with gluten or other allergens,” a company employee told us this morning.

How many calories are in a Tim Hortons coffee with cream?

There are 90 calories in 1 serving (473 ml) of Tim Hortons Coffee with 1 Cream (Large).

What kind of sweetener does Tim Hortons use?

They use “cane syrup,” whatever that is. They still call it “base,” although you would think the beverage itself would be the base.

How many calories are in a coffee with two creams?

A small double-double coffee (two creams, two sugars) has: 140 calories. 7g of fat.

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