Is Stephenson melt and pour vegan?

Most of our product are vegan friendly.

Is melt and pour soap vegan?

Simply melt, add colour and fragrance and then pour to make beautiful, moisturising soap without the mess and stress of cold process soap making. No animal fats are used to make this soap base so it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and it is also not tested on animals.

Is Stephenson melt and pour natural?

Transparent Melt & Pour

Crystal Natural HF is a vegetable derived soap base made from natural ingredients. Free from synthetic surfactants and MPGs, this base is for the manufacture of translucent soap bars.

Is Stephenson soap cruelty free?

Stephenson Personal Care

None of our products are tested on animals and we do not use any oils or ingredients that have been derived from animals. This makes our range suitable for vegetarians (please note: our Goat’s Milk and Honey soap bases contain sustainable and ethically sourced animal produce).

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What is Stephenson melt and pour?

Crystal Melt & Pour is used to produce some of the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing soap bars on the market. Ideal for the craft market, because it requires little in the way of specialist equipment, customers typically need only to add colour and fragrance to achieve fantastic finished soap bars. …

Is melt and pour soap considered handmade?

Melt and pour soap crafting is a legitimate craft. It’s not just slicing up soap, popping it into the microwave, and getting a perfect bar of soap each time. There are color and fragrance considerations.

What soap bases are vegan?

Vegan soap base

  • 1 lb YOU CHOOSE SOAP Melt and Pour Soap Natural Base Cocoa Shea Butter Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Olive Oil Honey Aloe Vera Low Sweat Clear White. …
  • 2 Lb CLEAR TRANSPARENT Organic Glycerin Melt & Pour SOAP Base 100% Pure Ultra Clear.

What is the best melt and pour base?

10 Melt & Pour Soap Bases

  • Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Glycerin (Clear) Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Honey Melt and Pour Soap Base. …
  • Olive Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base.

What happens if you overheat melt and pour soap?

It does not require working with lye, and is easy to customize with color, fragrances and molds. While usually considered an “easy” project, melt and pour can be a little finicky when it comes to temperature. If melt and pour gets too hot, the base will burn and becomes difficult to work with.

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Is melt and pour natural?

Melt and pour soap is a ready-made soap base composed of fatty acids, glycerin, and other natural ingredients.

Are Stephenson soaps vegan?

Which Stephenson products are vegan? Most of our product are vegan friendly. Only small amount of our products contain animal-derived milk and honey.

What is the pH of melt and pour soap?

PH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Since MP Soap Base formulas can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so can the pH. The typical pH range of MP Soap Bases is 8 to 9.

Does melt and pour soap expire?

While the soap will never go bad, mold, or have a rancid odor, it will lose moisture over time. The soap will still be perfectly safe to use, but it will become dry and brittle. If this does happen you can add small amounts of glycerin to replace what was lost.

Can you remelt melt and pour soap?

CAN I REMELT MELT AND POUR SOAP. Re-melting Melt and Pour soap is possible, and Stephenson Melt and Pour soaps may be re-melted and re-poured multiple times.

Which soap melts the fastest?

If the soap has higher percentage of soft oils like olive, sunflower etc it does melt faster. It could also be because of not drying in between each use. However melting could be avoided by drying the soap in between uses, keeping it in a dry , moisture free place, away from direct sunlight.

How do you use Stephenson melt and pour soap?

Pop your soap base into the microwave for around 1 minute, per 500g. Just keep an eye on it! Stir, and gently mix the soap occasionally ensuring that all soap base is fully melted. Once melted feel free to add your fragrance, colour, and any other additives you wish to add.

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