How do you make gluten free ketchup manis?

For my gluten free recipe, I have updated this post from 21st September 2015 and included two methods of making kecap manis (dark/thick soy sauce). First method is using blackstrap molasses together with gluten free light soy sauce and second method is using dark brown sugar together with gluten free light soy sauce.

Can you get gluten free kecap manis?

Changs Chang’s Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce – 150ml

Water, Sugar, Natural Brewed Soy Sauce, Salt, Caramel, Vinegar, Wine, Spices. Contains Soya. Gluten free and nut free.

What can you substitute for kecap manis?

If you can’t find kecap manis, you can make your own. Simmer soy sauce and palm sugar or brown sugar together until the mixture turns to syrup. Or mix one part molasses with two parts soy sauce. Here’s another recipe that adds the flavor of lemongrass, garlic and star anise.

Does ABC kecap manis have gluten?

Wheat – Wheat includes gluten. Check the ingredients if gluten-free is not on the label.

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Is sweet soy sauce the same as kecap manis?

Sweet soy sauce. Popular in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand (where the local version is called siew dam), sweet soy sauce or ‘kecap manis’, is a mixture of soy sauce and palm sugar that results in a thick, sticky sauce.

Is dark soy sauce the same as thick soy sauce?

Thick soy sauces (also called soy paste or soy jam) are sweeter and have a thicker consistency than dark soy sauce. That is due to the addition of sugar, more wheat in the fermentation process, and, sometimes, a starch thickener that is used to make it. It takes only a small amount to add flavor to fried rice dishes.

Is dark soy sauce the same as soy sauce?

What Is Dark Soy Sauce? How’s It Different from Regular Soy Sauce? Dark soy sauce (lǎo chōu, 老抽) is thicker, darker, and slightly sweeter than regular or light soy sauce. Like regular soy sauce, it is used to flavor dishes, but more importantly, it’s used to darken the color of sauces, fried rice, noodles, etc.

Can kecap manis replace soy sauce?

The obvious difference is soy sauce (or light soy sauce) is salty and with a consistency of water; whereas kecap manis is sweeter (manis means sweet in Malay/Indonesian) and has the consistency resembling maple syrup. I use light soy sauce in replacement of salt and kecap manis for color and the sweetness, of course.

What is a good substitute for sweet soy sauce?

Sweet soy sauce can be made from regular soy sauce. Regular soy sauce mixed with brown sugar, added with a trace of molasses, can serve as a substitute for sweet soy sauce.

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Is Kicap Manis the same as Ketjap Manis?

WHAT IS KECAP MANIS? Also known as ketjap manis, it’s a thick and dark molasses-like sauce with palm sugar and soy sauce as its base and with the addition of aromatic spices for flavor.

Is Kikkoman a soy sauce?

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is made using the traditional Japanese brewing process known as “honjozo”. … Kikkoman Soy Sauce is made from the four basic ingredients of soybeans, wheat, salt and water.

Is soy sauce gluten free?

Regular soy sauce is not gluten-free. Wheat is a primary ingredient in soy sauce, which surprises many people who are new to gluten-free diet. There are several gluten-free soy sauce options available that use rice instead of wheat.

Is ketchup Manis vegan?

Well the great news is that ketjap manis is vegan and is a wonderful accompaniment to vegan cooking. It contains fermented black soybeans, roasted grains, palm sugar and a combination of spices, including star anise, all of which are vegan safe.

What is the best soy sauce?

Or, you can choose the easy way and keep on reading to discover the best bottled soy sauce that suits your cooking!

  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (0.4 gallon) – Japanese Soy Sauce. …
  • Kishibori Shoyu Imported Soy Sauce (12.2 fl. …
  • Best of Thailand Lite Soy Sauce (pack of two 23.6 fl. …
  • Kimlan Soy Sauce – Chinese Soy Sauce.


Is kecap manis soy sauce?

The kecap manis that’s available today is about 10 to 15% liquid soy sauce; a mixture of sugar and water makes up the rest, which accounts for its pronounced sweetness and syrupy consistency, and spices are sometimes included as well.

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Is hoisin sauce the same as sweet soy sauce?

Stir-Fry Bases

Another sauce comes to mind when you think of salty, sweet, and slightly thick: hoisin. But hoisin is thickened with cornstarch, while sweet soy sauce is naturally thick from reducing soy sauce and sugar together.

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