Can you get gluten free oatcakes?

They are made with gluten free wholegrain oats that are grown in dedicated fields and milled in uncontaminated conditions. … They do not contain any GM ingredients, nuts or added sugars — although they do contain naturally occurring sugars.

What oatcakes are gluten free?

Wholegrain oats are naturally gluten free. Oats are naturally gluten free, so if you have a wheat allergy or intolerance, then our oatcakes and biscuits make a wholesome alternative to bread and biscuits made with flour.

Are Walkers oatcakes gluten free?

Scottish Oat Cakes (like Walkers Highland Oatcakes) Gluten-free & vegan option.

Are all Nairns products gluten free?

Nairn’s gluten free oats are carefully sourced, farmed and expertly milled to ensure they remain free from contamination. We then make all our gluten free products in a dedicated gluten free bakery and test every batch to ensure they are free from gluten.

Are gluten free oatcakes good for you?

Good for healthy digestion

A diet rich in fibre has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. Whether you choose an oatcake with lunch, a gluten free Biscuit Break with a cuppa, or a grab bag of Snackers on the way to the gym you’ll be adding vital fibre to your diet.

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Is there gluten free cheese?

Most cheeses are indeed gluten-free. In fact, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation, the dairy group is a naturally gluten-free food group. This should make sense once you understand where gluten actually comes from – it is a protein found in some grains, including wheat, rye and barley.

Are oatcakes processed food?

For example, shop bought hummus, oatcakes and even yogurts are ‘ultra-processed’ alongside sweeties, cakes and margarine. Tinned vegetables are ‘processed’ whereas fresh ones are ‘unprocessed’, yet they are equally nutritious.

Are Walkers oatcakes healthy?

Suitable for both sweet and savoury toppings, Walkers Fine Oatcakes are a versatile snack containing no sugar or wheat. These healthy and traditional oatcakes work well as part of a cheese board, but are equally good with a spot of jam – the choice is yours.

Can you freeze oatcakes?

The oatcakes freeze well, just layer with greaseproof paper and seal in a freezer bag. No need to thaw, just warm under the grill. The oatcakes freeze well, just layer with greaseproof paper and seal in a freezer bag. No need to thaw, just warm under the grill.

What are Staffordshire oatcakes made of?

A Staffordshire oatcake is made from oatmeal, flour and yeast to make a dense pancake. It is cooked on a griddle, “backstone” or “baxton”. The oatcake is a local speciality in the North Staffordshire area of England, specifically Stoke-on-Trent.

The following grains and other starch-containing foods are naturally gluten-free:

  • Rice.
  • Cassava.
  • Corn (maize)
  • Soy.
  • Potato.
  • Tapioca.
  • Beans.
  • Sorghum.

Do rice cakes have gluten?

Rice cakes made solely from rice are gluten-free. Some varieties incorporate barley, kamut or other gluten-containing grains, so be sure to read the label carefully if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance.

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Are Nairn’s cheese oatcakes gluten free?

Our versatile Gluten Free Cheese oatcakes are made with mature cheddar cheese, gluten free wholegrain oats and very little else. Healthy wholegrain oats give you a natural boost to help you get the most out of your day, making our gluten free cheese oatcakes a naturally energising snack.

Is oatcakes better than bread?

Why? The oatcakes may look small, but they’re packed with slow-digesting, low-GI carbs, guaranteed to keep you full for hours – miles better than bread.

Are oatcakes good for cholesterol?

Eat 2-4 portions of oats daily

There’s plenty of evidence to show that oats help manage cholesterol levels. They’re rich in a soluble fibre called beta-glucan, which attaches to cholesterol and inhibits its absorption. A daily intake of about 3g of beta-glucan is considered an adequate amount to make a difference.

What can you put on oatcakes?

My oatcakes toppings!

  • Apple & Blackberry.
  • Pesto & Goats Cheese.
  • Boiled Egg.
  • Cheese & Grape.
  • Raspberry Jam.
  • Avocado & Chilli Flakes.
  • Strawberry & Honey.
  • Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese.


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